View Full Version : AutoCAD Land Desktop - Wish List (Closed)

  1. Speed Tables
  2. Point Groups
  3. Points - Display Properties
  4. Multiple Surfaces
  5. Undo in Digitize Contours
  6. Set Base Project
  7. Hard and soft break lines
  8. Making the wishlists work
  9. Delete multiple breaklines at a time
  10. Grading Objects should be able to bench slopes
  11. Apply Static/Dynamic Labels to entities in XREFs
  12. Flip Direction for Dynamic/Static Curve Labels
  13. Edit points from Point Group Manager
  14. Create "Topo" surface (color-coded by elevation)
  15. Wishlist Poll
  16. Draw Transitions
  17. Smart Station Labeling
  18. Pipeworks
  20. Contour Labels...that follow a rebuild of DTM
  21. LDD Class
  22. Units
  23. opening drawings in land desktop
  24. Wish List Guidelines
  25. Scale Values to Match in X,Y, & Z for Block Edit to work
  26. AEC_Curvetext mask
  27. Manageability of Civil Coutour Objects
  28. Terrain Modeling through Xref's
  29. Zoom to Curve or Line from Table
  30. Semi-Automatic Renumbering of Curve and Line Tags
  31. preset layer colours
  32. Plan, Profile and Cross-Section Scale Defaults
  33. Spot Elevation Marker