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  1. Wish List Guidelines
  2. 3D pdf animation
  3. A Couple wishlist items for Clash Detective
  4. Assign functions to double click
  5. Walk Navigation with AWSD keys and Mouse
  6. View Rendering Queue for Presenter
  7. Navisworks 2009 works on 64-bit workstation??
  8. "Stamp" Timeliner Overlay text onto Exported animations
  9. Identify/Plot Locations for Clashes
  10. A promotion for site logistics analysis
  11. Navisworks Freedom Printing & Redline Features
  12. NavisWorks w/o license
  13. Please add new render engine and Backurner support
  14. Wall Break Out
  15. Retain Smart Tag on/off setting
  16. Timeliner, week 1-53
  17. Taging and Comments
  18. Sort selection-tree manually
  19. Timeliner needs to compete with Synchro
  20. Timeliner
  21. NavisWorks support of Sketchup 7 files
  22. Viewpoints-Clash Point Format
  23. Measure Tool Functionality
  24. export from revit
  25. Export 3d models from navis
  26. Mark transformed objects in the selection tree
  27. Save to recover file on crash
  28. PDS components in clash reports
  29. File Transfrom Color/Transperancy
  30. Clash Detective - Clearances
  31. Presenter Interface
  32. Revit Materials
  33. Measuring and section capabilities in freedom
  34. Partial open
  35. 2D Plans
  36. Scripts Export/Import
  37. Global Options Interface Selection Resolution
  38. Native appending of raster images
  39. Toggle tabs from clash via Keyboard Shortcut
  40. Clash Result Display Settings Saved in Viewpoints
  42. Column Line Association/Clash Reports
  43. Navigation Modes
  44. File Open broswer
  45. Copy of Camera View settings between viewpoints
  46. Export of the saved Attributes of the ViewPoints
  47. Showing clash highlights in the NWD for Freedom Users
  48. Bring back the Measure Tool in Freedom
  49. "TrueConvert" for NWD files
  50. Independent view controls for Section and Plan Thumbnails.
  51. Annotation and/or Red Line improvements
  52. Speed up Refresh Capabilities.
  53. assignable links for files
  54. Ability to detach DWG from NWC
  55. Spell-check for Comments
  56. Prevent multiple computers from updating the same NWC at the same time
  57. horizontal field of view
  58. More advanced Open File dialog box
  59. Sectioning of objects in Animator
  60. Alphabetize and export Selection Tree Listing
  61. Clash Selection Sets
  62. Sort and Export/Import Rules, Sets, Batches
  63. Creating Display Sets in Navisworks Simulate 2011
  64. Take Navisworks to "The Cloud"
  65. Lock down parts of Clash Detection
  66. Launching NWS from Autocad MEP
  67. Export Viewpoints to PPT Presentation
  68. Courseware newer than 2009?
  69. User-Defined Clash Status
  70. Ability to move Palettes around on sidebar.
  71. Selection Tree Management
  72. Laser pointer for NW
  73. Navigation Wheel
  74. Sort anything and everything
  75. Clash Detection Batch Label
  76. Google Earth Export - Include timeliner information
  77. Freedom Viewer for iPad or iPhone
  78. Grid Locator
  79. Stored Project Translation
  80. Options Editor Remain on Screen
  81. Separate colors for clashing objects
  82. Clash Viewpoints retain Manage view options
  83. Selective Clashes sent to Viewpoints
  84. Ability to rotate the Scale and Move animation transform gizmos
  85. Lock Selection Sets
  86. Clash Batch Sorting
  87. Timeliner Overlay Text
  88. Clash Batch results show reported results
  89. Did we have a Top Ten at AU this year??
  90. Navisworks knows Revit Materials
  91. Refresh only one model
  92. Shortcut keys
  93. Align view to object surface
  94. Move keyframes all at once
  95. Keypress Event Broken
  96. Clash auto Groupings
  97. Selection Inspector inherits
  98. Autorun
  99. Snap function for correct measuring
  100. Freedom 2013 - cross points of Sectioning plane and sectioned object
  101. Exporting and Importing Viewpoints with object attribute (Visual/Hidden)
  102. PDMS Attribute data in properties panel
  103. Multi-processor Presenter rendering
  104. Multi-user reviews of Models
  105. Angle tolerance to be added to clash detective
  106. The display of models in Navisworks needs to be clearer
  107. Zone Based Clashing
  108. Possibility to make small macros
  109. Clash Detection Group Auto-Expanding
  110. Clash Detection Groupings
  111. Find Items Dialog too sensitive
  112. Selection Tree folders
  113. Improve Overlay Text
  114. RPC Text Labels
  115. Hide objects in TimeLiner simulation using Scripter
  116. Clash Detective Results Isolation Options Access
  117. Export Animation with Scripts
  118. Embed clash detection
  119. Quantity Take-off Window
  120. We need a cheaper Navisworks redliner
  121. Better clash rules
  122. Navisworks Freedom should have Switchback funcionality
  123. Watermark
  124. Hyperlinks as a property trough a SQL datatools link
  125. Run clash tests only on visible areas when model is sectioned
  126. View Presets
  127. Output part of Animation scene
  128. Appending Files
  129. Improve Measurements In Navisworks
  130. More Capable key Framer
  131. Reveal Hidden Elements
  132. Support Visibility of Revit Ceiling Grids
  133. WMS connection (like Basejump) in Navisworks
  134. Clash Report Summary Plan View
  135. More Clash report Customization
  136. The Ability to Toggle On/Off annotations
  137. Ability to set default actions in the Navigation Bar
  138. Appearance Profiler Improvements
  139. Filename wildcard for Appended files in nwf
  140. Navisworks and Revit Server Integration
  141. Doors to not prevent navigation
  142. Improved curtain wall support
  143. Reference Manager in Navisworks
  144. Export clash points or views to Autocad
  145. Allow materials in presentor to be applied to one face of an object
  146. Export Revit Project Information to Navisworks file
  147. comparing architectural with structural model
  148. Quantification Customize Columns layout
  149. Quantification Excel Export
  150. Quantification Object Selection
  151. Allow override for Hide command
  152. Better Collaboration for Multiple Users
  153. Print dwf with scale and good quality
  154. Convert Intelligent Navis works models to Intelligent AutoCAD MEP Models.
  155. Autodesk Render Module Multiple Light Editing
  156. Occulus Rift integration with Navisworks
  157. Ability to set defaults for values in File Options
  158. Native BCF support
  159. Refresh a single file
  160. Navisworks Freedom Override Item Functionality
  161. Follow Duct/Pipe Run
  162. More Options with Hyperlinks
  163. Ability to bring Draped aerial over Civil 3D surface
  164. Measurements in a rotated UCS
  165. Volume from solids
  166. Update Saved Viewpoints Automatically
  167. Measure off of Revit Grids and Levels
  168. Append Vectorworks Files
  169. File open warning
  170. Keyboard + Mouse Wheel Shortcut for Walking & Looking
  171. Batch Output Images
  172. Import AutoCAD Map3D Object Data
  173. Bring Back "Show"
  176. Enable objects within a 4D task to grow rather than just appearing
  177. Fill closed polylines
  178. use draworder from dwg file
  179. Read hatches from dwg
  180. Wish List, Add New DataTools Link To Published NWD with existing DataTools embedded
  181. More Actions with Keyboard!
  182. All dialog boxes and windows to be re-sizeable
  183. Custom property columns for clash results
  184. Custom property columns for clash results
  185. Add BIM 360 Glue to Wish Lists
  186. Elevation Tags & Marks & Dimensions
  187. Select which Viewpoints to export
  188. Filter viewpoints for Export
  189. Customize Hot Keys
  190. Object representation - walls, floors and roofs
  191. Custom Properties in Find Items
  192. Clash Detective Group
  193. Keep current clash highlighted in Clash Detective
  194. Open window-Shortcuts
  195. Display/Hide Clash Icons by Status
  196. Sheets to be linked, not embedded
  197. Customizable 'Places Bar'
  198. Add feature to set a tag by color to each 3d element in order to filter by construction status phas
  199. Add one more Section Plane to default to Align to Surface
  200. Recap Regions Properties
  201. Make Item Position Transform work with negative values in imperial units
  202. File open dialog default file filter type
  203. Customize Ribbon Interface
  204. Set a Viewpoint as a "Starting View" for NWD files
  205. run/update individual clashes/group of clashes
  206. attach metadata to clashes/group of clashes
  207. customizable reports
  208. Screen sheet "Sceet"
  209. Links icon visibility
  210. Find Takeoff in other Sheet and Models by using links and/or graphics
  211. Capping Navisworks Sections with custom overridden hatches
  212. reading coordinates