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2004-11-16, 08:18 PM
Hello all,

I'm new to VBA and I would like to be able to run a lisp routine from a VBA app if possible. Does any one have any example code that I could follow??



Ed Jobe
2004-11-16, 08:38 PM
You can use ThisDrawing.SendCommand, but the lisp will most likely run after all your vba is done. That makes it useful only if you want to start a command and let lisp take over. IOW, you won't be able to interact with it. If you want to use lisp directly from vba, you can use the vlisp interface. There is a class module that sets this up for you. Search the forums for VLAX.

2004-11-16, 10:35 PM

I appreciate the response. I would like to interact with the VBA code and have found that there is an object event called BeginLISP and EndLISP , but I'm not sure how to use it in my VBA code.


Ed Jobe
2004-11-16, 11:04 PM
They will not allow you to "execute" lisp, only respond to the start or finish. You need to use the vlisp interface. Did you try the search?

2004-11-16, 11:16 PM

I will give the search a try....


2004-11-17, 07:01 PM
take a look at this thread

http://forums.augi.com/showthread.php?t=4704 (http://forums.augi.com/showthread.php?t=4704)