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2004-11-29, 08:40 PM
What would cause a VBA program written on my machine and loaded onto another person's machine via the server to act like this? When loaded into another person's AutoCAD, the VBA program bombs on certain things like the Date$ variable or when ever I try to simply state that X=1 or something simple like that. Here's the weird part. While the program that bombs is still loaded, I can start a new project (Global1) and drag a label onto the form and have it list the Date$ variable on the label on startup. It recognizes Date$ in one program but doesn't in the one loaded right under it. It literally says "Identifier under cursor is not recognized" when I click "Definition". Am I missing something here?

All the other programs I've written work fine except this one and to my knowledge, I've done nothing out of the ordinary. HELP!

Ed Jobe
2004-11-29, 09:32 PM
VBA can bomb on seemingly basic functions if you've referenced a tlb or such that is not on the other machine. Go to Tools>References and the culprit will be marked with "MISSING:"

2004-11-30, 09:40 PM
That did it! Thanks! I just don't understand why such weird things would happen like the Date$ thing when all the program was looking for was the Microsoft Tab control. Who cares right? It works now.