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2010-03-01, 10:13 AM
Never had to use the IF function. Do not short-course in this matter!? In other words, if the families are 2 elements of X and Y be the total length of A. But if the elements of X excluded, then Y = A + 50 mm. (50mm ~2 inch). Is the writing function similar to excel?

2010-03-01, 11:29 AM
If you have the latest web update for 2010 I believe the help file is expanded on formulas, and is a lot more help.

But for what you require it is pretty similar to excel formulas

IF (<condition>, <result-if-true>, <result-if-false>)

Not sure exactly what you were asking for the formula there, do you mean if X = 0 you want Y to be A+50? If I read what you have there you need a user input for x & y and a separate actual parameter which for Y would be something like this:

actualY ->> IF(X=0,A + 50,X+Y)

Hope that helps

2010-03-01, 11:46 AM
yes, that helps! thanks