View Full Version : Deleting Sheets!??

2010-03-01, 03:34 PM
I am creating automatic drawings from a model one at a time. I went to create a 6th tab in the model file, and when I do this using the automatic drawing generator, it deletes the first three sheets I created. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.

2010-03-03, 12:53 AM
Are they being deleted or just hidden from view.

Can you still open them up in your object Inspector and view them??

2010-03-05, 10:58 AM
You can find your drawings on Printouts tab in the Object Inspector.

2010-03-05, 01:15 PM
I had the same problem, I resolve it by going to "printouts" in Object Inspector and right click and activate the drawing, it then comes up again and you can go back to each layout....altho I would rather each auto drawing to stay where it was in the first place....can anyone shed some light as to why it does this?

Hope this works for you

2010-03-09, 01:22 AM
There is an option when creating automatic drawings to delete (or not) previously created automatic drawings.

If you are creating extra sheets from the same position, make sure the box in unchecked.

If your tabs are simply dissapearing, then use the printout tab as others have suggested.

I believe they are trying to save memory or cache size by limiting the amount of sheets that are displayed.

2010-03-10, 01:15 PM
Does anyone know if there is a way to have more than 5 sheets loaded at once? My goal is to be able to save one ASD file as a standard AutoCAD file with all the tabs along the bottom to send to our fabricator. Thanks.

2010-03-12, 02:56 AM
You can't save an ASD file as standard Autocad....they will not be able to view the objects.

You can display extra sheets by typing the command setpbuf enter 32 (or 16, it will reset every time the drawing is closed), but be aware that you should still try and keep the sheets diplayed as low as you can.

I only use the command when I am printing off sets, and i still do it in batches, normally keeping to a max of around 20 sheets.

To save as Acad, you need to export the sheets, which ASD does to individual files.

You could then use SSM to create a set, but they will not be all in the same drawing, you will have a folder full of them.

2010-03-13, 05:51 AM
You have two options:

You can save ASD model (model only) in Standard AutoCAD file format (Reinforcement, Tools, Save model in dwg format), then open it using AutoCAD and do the rquired sheets as you want.


You can save ASD whole file (model and created sheets) in ASD format, then use the DWG TrueView 2010 to convert the whole file in dwg format. But please open the converted file and have a look because in some cases it has some strange data not matching the ASD original file.

Note: The first option is working only in the Reinforcement module.