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2004-12-03, 04:56 PM
Ok, so, It's Friday, and I'm planning the setup of a couple projects, I guess its a good Friday task rather than a Monday one, but anyways I digress.
Our office typically devides up a typical revit project with worksets such as Shell, Core, Partitions, Specialties, Finishes, Ceiling, Site etc.... (We do mostly Coporate, or Institutional interiors)
I was wondering what would be the best way to tackle 2 projects (Interior reno's) within one building. I was considering having the Shell, Structure, and Site as one Revit file, the 'Base File' if you will. And then for the other projects I would 'Link' the 'Base File' into the respective Project file that would contain the remainder of the worksets. I was thinking I could also link in the adjacent project, (Shared floor, 2 different projects) into my active project and have it ghosted or greyed out for reference purposes. Is this possible, is there a better way of doing this?
I'm not sure if this makes any sense or not, but let me know what you guys/glas think and if I'm headed in the right direction.



2004-12-03, 09:12 PM
Ok, I've been playing around with my project in regards to my initial plan. I've realized that Revit has a hard time Linking other Revit Projects into another project, specifically ones with worksets, as I wasn't able to manipulate the 'Linked-File's-Worksets' within my active project. My ideal was to have a nice small sized 'Base Project File' and a couple of medium sized 'Satelite Project Files'. However, that doesn't look like it'll be the case... 40+meg project file.. here we come. Any info, comments, suggestions, random words, links, smiley faces, and or money would be appreciated. Thanks all.

Have a great weekend.


2004-12-04, 12:37 AM
Are the projects being done concurrently? If so, I would go with linking. The document set will be unique for each I assume. If they are sequential, I would use phasing in a single project. This way the first project can progress without even seeing the 'next' project.

2004-12-06, 02:27 PM
Happy Monday Everybody.

James - As you know the building Architectural industry has its uncertainties, and this is no exception. I dealy the projects would be concurrent, however they may be that or sequential. I need to plan for both. so with that in mind I guess phasing wouldn't work so well. And as I stated earlier the linking doesn't work so well with worksets as I cannot maniuplate them or the visibility settings, as the I deal would be to half tone the non relevant project information. If I'm missing a setting or something please enlighten me. Thanks again. Have a great week.

2004-12-14, 07:28 AM
Hi Mike Did you get your problem resolved?

2004-12-14, 03:44 PM
Project is on hold now, you gotta love it.

But I think once it's underway again, I'm thinking we will run the 2 projects on 2 separate Revit project files that are built from the same base plan, which will have the shell of the building. We will have to rely on 'old school human interaction' if one project makes any changes to the structure, and manually update the other project, using the good ole cut and paste method. And then as we need to reference the other plan we will simply link in the adjacent project file. This was the boss's choice of direction. Maybe I was being a bit idealistic thikning we could eliminate the human error factor, but time will tell.

On another note, we had 5 people working in one project for the past few days, with no major issues or hangups. ahhhhh thank you revit. Still waiting to get 7 on our system!

2004-12-14, 05:15 PM
We've got a project going right now that's kinda along these lines, and here's what we are doing:

We've got three buildings, two of which are existing, one of which is new ground-up, being combined together into one large housing/lofts/retail project. The project is in phases, with different portions of the buildings being worked on at different times, or possibly together, we don't know for certain at this time. It also may be bid out to different folks, or bid to one contractor, we don't know that eather yet.

We've got each building within it's own file, and the site within another file. The two existing buildings & the site are using Phasing for New vs. (E). Each building has it's own document set, for they might be bid separately or together, and might be done separately or together. The details are being mostly pulled (linked) from our old AutoCAD details, but that's because this office has a really nice and robust AutoCAD detail library that hasn't been redrawn within Revit yet (some of the details are Revit details).

We link the site plan into each building file to coor'd locations and heights of everything. We sometimes link one building into another, to coor'd connections and placement. Then we have a 'master' file that links all of them together into one big file for rendering, shadow study, and planning review.

Seems to be working out ok so far. :)