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2010-03-20, 06:56 PM
Hello all,

I would like to hear your thoughts on the issues listed below.
1) I might be mistaken or did not configure something correctly, but I am getting huge discrepancies while studying the Insolation Example.iso that comes with Solar Radiation Training package. For example....
It seems to me that there is a mismatch between presented results on Visualise (Figure 1.1) and Analysis page (Figure 1.2). For example, on Visualisation page @ 11:00 Window is cca. 15% in shade as opposed to 0% shaded window displayed on Analysis page. Moreover, at 15:30 the window is unshaded (Visualise) as opposed to 50% shaded value presented in Analysis graph. Please advise!
2) Shading Mask example from Training packages….The tutorial example shows shading of a surface via shading mask at particular time. At visualization page, no overshadowing is displayed at that time. I did another example, and observed the same issue.
3) I have been studying Thermal Performance tutorial found @ http://squ1.com/archive/ecotect/tutorials/thermal-intro.htm and have noticed the following….
a) On Visualize page, I have selected daily sun path under shadow display, there is a shadow of a house displayed but there is none for trees. In contrast, 3D editor page displays shading originating from the trees!?
b)I have moved trees from their original location and placed them in front of the window of Zone 2 to study the effect of shading on zone 2 i.e. direct solar gains. No difference in direct solar gains has been noticed in with and without trees scenarios. I have chosen Adelaide Sa-1 weather file.
c) Different units have been used for displaying results in the graph given in Watts and those in ANNUAL LOADS TABLE,Direct Solar Gains – Qg, Zone 2 - Monthly Averages which are given in Wh. The values between 2 ways of representing the results are the same e.g. June @12:00 is 609 W and 609Wh. If we are talking about heat gains or losses Watts should be used. Wh or Joules are used to represent energy consumption over a time period. Please advise!