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2004-12-06, 07:38 PM
Its 2005 according to Autodesk......, is it too much to ask Autodesk to provide a standard brick shape rather that the wierd and unfixable proportions you get when using Bhatch's so called 'brick' pattern.... ??

Autodesk is international? is there ANY country ANYWHERE that makes a standard brick that shape?

ps I finally found a 'real' one under Type: custom in the Bhatch dialogue box then I scroll down to:

c:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Autodesk\Adt 2005\enu\support\pats\Brick_Modular_Common.pat

Just where I would first look !!! ;-)

What does enu mean in the middle of that huge path??


2004-12-06, 11:36 PM
May as well get used to looking in docs & settings - thats part of being XP compliant.

If you are using XP or 2000, I recommend placing a shortcut folder over on the left hand side of your browser window.

ENU= English, US.

2004-12-08, 02:22 AM
I'd suggest looking at the Details feature. There are a myriad of standard brick and block types for US and UK standards. When you go to insert the component, look at the View property in the Properties Palette and set it to "Elevation (Pattern)"...this will allow you to apply a hatch pattern of the type.

The path is a requirement for Autodesk to say its applications are XP Logo compliant. The various locations are to support roaming profiles. The original prescribed locations were actually worse, but we managed to tweak/consolidate them a bit. In any case, the install should be allowing you to specify an alternate location for Content and Support files.

Thanks -

2004-12-11, 03:39 PM
I agree about the "brick" pattern. Its a holdover from R2.6 I think.

My complaint would be that, when choosing the custom hatch patterns, the only thing you see in Hatch Pattern Palette is C:\Documents and Settings\Do for all the hatch patterns deeply nested into the file structure. When the entire name cannot be displayed, it should display some of the first part, and some of the last part. A push button should enlarge the window to fit the names. The custom hatch pattern pop-up list also only shows hatches already used in the drawing.

Also I'm tired of the pop-up list to choose (predefined, user defined, custom). Radio buttons should be used.

The DCM options are nice though.

2004-12-14, 04:46 PM
I bought about 1,200 Custom Hatch Patterns from a Guy in England. Been using them for about 3-4yrs in All versions of ADT. I have the files if anyone is interested.