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2010-03-29, 10:51 PM
Is there an easy way to add a comma to a parcel area label style?
Example (this is what I have):
Parcel 1
XXXXX s.f.

(this is what I want)
Parcel 1
XX,XXX s.f.

I cannot seem to find a setting for this in any of the parcel label styles.
Seems like this should be an easy setting tweak.
Please enlighten me.

2010-03-30, 12:17 AM
Yes. Upgrade to C3D 2011 (coming soon). :?

In the meantime, the "hack" workaround is to create an Expression that divides the lot area by 1000. Then use this in your label style, set to to three decimal places of precision, and set the separator to a comma instead of a period.

In other words, you have a lot with area 123,456 square feet. The expression will divide by 1000, and return "123.456". Now, set the Label Style so that it uses a comma instead of a period, and you end up with "123,456".

2010-03-30, 12:20 AM
I was afraid that's what you were going to say. Seems like a lot of work for a comma!!

2010-03-30, 02:09 AM
Just wait until you see what you need to do to get numbers 1,000,000 and up... :shock:

Luckily, this problem will be solved soon. Some of us have been suffering with this problem for a long time now.

2010-03-30, 02:22 AM
you can find that style shared here (http://forums.augi.com/showthread.php?t=53527)! You may have to adjust it to your layers and text style.