View Full Version : tapered insulations anyone

2004-12-07, 05:49 PM
It seems to me that every building that I've worked on has either a tapered insulation, or slopping concrete. Why has Autodesk not given a slab style that lets you pick a baseline elevation and adjust the thickness at each edge. While the roof tool can handle most residential roof styles, it seems lacking in this department.

2004-12-17, 05:00 PM
I have to agree. I would be nice also to have slab ledges to have the abilty to slope .

This gets my vote!!

2004-12-17, 09:56 PM
Would this happen to be the David Peterson associated with DTCC?

2004-12-20, 07:04 PM
nope, FSE
I think it would be great to have an object that would be a hybrid between a mesh and a solid. Being a structural guy, I've never seen a poured concrete wall, or footing that is always the same width, depth or height. The closest thing I've seen from ADT for C.I.P would have to be a slab. I know I could create 1000 wall styles, but I shouldn't have to. I thought the idea here was to make you more productive.