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2010-04-09, 03:45 PM
My original Existing surface is 2' and 10'. My corridor surface works fine with a Design surface of 2' and 10'. I want to actually use a 1' and 5' design surface in my corridor because it is a very short cul da sac but it wont process (show 1' n 5' contours) does my original existing surface that I am targeting have to be 1' n 5'?

2010-04-09, 03:59 PM
No. You can change the display Style of each surface independently of other surfaces.

2010-04-11, 08:45 PM
I think your answer may be the 2nd part of the answer to what should have been my first question. I have a corridor with a cul da sac and I tweeked the profile of the edge of pavement on the cul da sac to drain to one side. Now that I have created a surface for that corridor the contours are only dispaying for the cul da sac region.

Components of the corridor are a symetrical assembly for the CL of road and then an assembly for the edge of pavement around the cul da sac.

Can I create a surfaces for each region in the same corridor? Or does the cul da sac have to be symetrical for consitency to the primary road CL?

2010-04-12, 12:02 AM

You can create multiple surfaces from a Corridor. This is controlled via the Surfaces tab in your Corridor Properties.

When you create each Surface, you tell C3D which components of your Corridor are used to build that particular Surface. You can add Links, Feature Lines, or both. The Links are the named links from your subassemblies; the Feature Lines are the lines that connect similarly-named Point Codes from section to section in your Corridor. In other words, the Links are like surface breaklines that run laterally across the Corridor, and the Feature Lines are like surface breaklines that run longitudinally along the Corridor. By specifying the right Link and Feature Line codes to use for each Surface, you can create different Surfaces in your Corridor.

However, this feature is usually used to generate Surfaces at different levels. For example, you might have a Finish Grade surface and a Subgrade surface.

I suppose you could use this feature to create a different surface for your cul-de-sac, but I don't know why you would want to do that. Typically, you simply model your roadway, and let the Finish Grade surface flow together through all regions, to create one giant Finish Grade surface that covers your entire Corridor.

If you are seeing contours for only one region in your Corridor, that could simply be because you have the other regions turned off. Civil 3D lets you do that, so you can turn off areas you don't care about while you're working on one area. Or it could be because you have other errors in your model. There are actually so many variables in Corridor creation that it is virtually impossible to say what's happening without being able to see the DWG file.

2010-08-05, 04:42 PM
make sure your creating different styles for each surface. If your editing the same surface style over and over again it will hold the settings to the first original surface. Just a though. A guy at my work was having this problem because he keeps using the same style and just edits the style for each surface. Once the first surface is created and is using that style it hold to the surface and even if your editting the style for a difference surface it won't change anything because the original surface is locking it.

2013-11-27, 09:31 PM
I think the surface name template doesn't include a "next" counter so its trying to create a second surface with the same name - which of course is not allowed.

so simple, yet I spent hours trying to figure it out in my own situation.