View Full Version : Intersection Assembly Set - Target Problems

2010-05-04, 07:11 PM
Hi folks,
I am trying to build an assembly set for intersections. I have attached a DWG containing the assemblies making up the set. When I go through the intersection wizard, the curb fillet assembly does not target the alignments as required. Seems as though there are other target issues with this particular assembly as well.

Could someone have a look, and possibly help me work out the bugs? The other assemblies in the set work fine.

My goal is to have an assembly set that works without having to manually target anything...similar to the assembly sets OOTB.

Thanks a lot. This forum is great.

2010-05-06, 03:19 AM
everythings appears right on your assemblies. I havent run it yet with you assemblies. One thing i did notice when i do intersections at sometimes my one or two assemblies would switch back to the default style assemblies. I would have to go back into my intersection corridor region editor and switch it back to the correct assembly. Can you post an image of what is going on at your intersection? I will see if i an help you out since i just finish doing a few intersection for the subdivision i am working on.