View Full Version : Ecotect Thermal Analysis

2010-06-10, 04:24 AM
I'm new to Ecotect and I've been working with Radiance and FDS along with Ecotect.
Now I'm trying Thermal Analysis and wonder if other thermal engines are NEEDED to complete analysis. Or Is it possible to gain accurate results only with Ecotect?

2010-06-25, 12:42 PM

Some users were recently discussing this issue, making comparisons of Ecotect to other simulations tools, and the general comment was that although Ecotect is a good simulation program to be used in the early stages of design (as it was meant), it is rubbish for thermal analysis, especially for solar radiation data. You can find those trends between last April and May posts.

If what you need is reliable calculation data, I strongly recommend you to move to another program. In my case, I decided to change to Energy Plus.

Good luck.