View Full Version : Decimal Feet as dimensioning unit

2004-12-14, 05:47 PM
Shouldn't decimal feet be a standard for unit for dimensions? I hate having to tell people doing civil work that AutoCAD won't do that. You have to use decimal units and set DIMLFAC to .0833333. And while I'm at it - Why can't you remove the suffix on a dimension child? I have to create children for all my civil dimension styles to add the foot mark. You can't remove it from just the angular child.


2004-12-15, 04:59 PM
Amen Brother. I think there are many areas that Autodesk needs to address regarding dimensioning capabilities. You might have noticed too that the #10 Item on this years wish list was addressing the ability to set the linetype of the extension lines. This was a good start but in my opinion a waste since there are so many additional limitations relating to dimensioning that should have been included under that wish list item.