View Full Version : [2011] Spaces in 3D views (OPEN)

Joe Fields
2010-07-01, 09:46 PM
I know it would be difficult to place spaces in a 3D view but can't we at least see them and modify them in 3D views. We've got some projects where the architects go crazy with lots of stair stepped levels. Trying to place and define spaces with only plan views and sections gets be a real pain. Having a 3D view to verify we are encompassing the volumes properly would be very helpful.

And yes, I know if you use the heating and cooling loads function or export to gbXml, you can see the spaces in a 3D view but then you have to switch back and forth rather than dynamically see and edit the spaces within a 3D view.

An extra would be to display the analytical surfaces in a 3D view as well.