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2004-12-15, 12:06 AM
My grid lines are still selectable even after I put them in a workset that is set to 'No' in the Editable column. I have walls in another workset that operate just fine. If I put that same grid line in the walls workset IT IS STILL SELECTABLE while the wall is not.

What am I missing??


2004-12-15, 12:19 AM
Unlike walls and other element worksets, grids can still be selected but not edited. If you attempt an edit, you should get a warning asking if you wish to make that workset editable.

2004-12-15, 01:36 AM
Grids (and Levels) are selectable even when they aren't editable. The reason for this is to allow you to drag the end controls to change the view-specific extents of the grid. These extents are actually part of the view -- changing them requires the view to be editable, not the grid. Suppose the grid element is not editable. Make the view workset editable, select the grid, and drag one of the end controls -- it will let you without asking to make the grid editable. On the other hand, the position of the grid line itself requires editability of the grid. For example, after selecting the grid, try dragging it perpendicular to the grid. It won't let you and will ask you to make the grid editable.

This division of ownership -- the grid owns its position while the view owns the view-specific extents -- allows different users to simultaneously clean up the visual appearance of different views, even if that requires changing the extents of the same grid line in the two different views. There is no conflict, because each user is only changing what is seen in his view, not the grid element itself.

Scott D Davis
2004-12-15, 03:09 AM
Nice! What other program allows two users to edit the 'view specific' properties of the same object, at the same time??? Too cool! :cool:

2004-12-15, 12:45 PM

I am honored to hear a response from one of the founders!!! (oh yeah, and you guys too, Scott & Beegee).

Thanks soo much. I understand completely now. It works exactly like it should. Another amazing feature of this program.