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2010-07-15, 07:28 PM
My company just told me that they are upgrading, new computers w/windows7. They are not going to upgrade our CAD program, we are currently running 2008. Does anyone for see a problem with this? Ive heard rumors that 2008 doesn't want to run properly on Win7. Any truth to this?


2010-07-15, 07:37 PM
See here (http://www.forums.augi.com/showthread.php?t=106115).
Interpretation - 2008 will run on 32-bit versions of Win_7 but not 64-bit versions - except in a virtual machine, of course.

2010-07-15, 07:48 PM
Thanks for replying. Im the only CAD guy in the office and I cant afford to have any real problems. I need to able to load ACAD on it and go. If Im down for so much as a couple of hours Ill be hit.

Thanks for the heads up on the 32bit part.

Is there anything else you can think of that could cause me problems with the 32bit version?

2010-07-15, 08:03 PM
Check that you have Win_7 drivers for all your hardware - I believe that plotters are most likely to have problems with drivers.

2010-07-15, 08:10 PM
Thanks Jaberwok,,,I will look for window7 drivers for all our plotter's and printer's.

If anyone else has experience with this kind of set up (ACAD 2008 on Win7)

Feel free to post.

2010-07-31, 03:19 PM
I suspect you can run Autocad 2008 on Win 7 x64, but it is not officially supported, and you have to hack the installer. It's relatively simple - it amounts to removing a line from the .INI file using Notepad, and removing a couple of lines from the MSI using ORCA (available for free download on the web).

At least, I have Civil 3D 2008 running on Win 7 x64, with no virtual machine, and it works just fine. I haven't tried plain Autocad 2008, but my guess is that it's similar.

2010-08-02, 01:05 PM
Thanks for responding sinc. Our company decided to go with Windows XP and 2009 Mechanical.

Im experiencing problems with this set up. Would you mind looking at this thread and respond back if you know what might be causeing my dimension style problems?


2010-08-04, 03:14 PM
Someone else in that thread responded that they think Mechanical uses some alternate method of dimensioning objects. It seems like this still shouldn't affect the dimensions in the core Autocad product, but I've never used Mechanical and do not know how it functions, so I can't help you there.