View Full Version : Unable to Plot 3D drawing in anything but 2D wireframe

2004-12-16, 08:29 PM
I created a 3D object and it looks OK in the model space and layout(Gouraud Shaded). But when I view the plot preview it looks like 2D wireframe and it also plots so. Could anybody helps me please!

2004-12-16, 11:12 PM

You must be using AutoCAD 2004 or above to Plot 3D Shaded Views directly to an output device. Below snippet is from an AutoCAD 2004 review -

Shaded viewports can now be plotted directly.

For AutoCAD 2002 or below check out the following Technical Document on the Autodesk web site under the Knowledge Base section -

ID: TS64610 - Plotting both rendered and wireframe views of solid objects on the same sheet (http://usa.autodesk.com/getdoc/id=TS64610)

Have a good one, Mike