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2010-08-08, 01:10 AM
Hi all
In using the set to view from 3D view for section cuts

(as shown in the awesome tutorial- Revit - View Range and Orient to View (3d from 2d)http://designreform.net/2009/11/revit-view-range-and-orient-to-view-3d-from-2d/ )

I get an awesome section just the way I need it. Cutting thru the maze of acad links from arch, struc, civil, and mep. Now to fill it in with secondary structure revit 3d detail lines annotations etc and place on sheets.
Is it unrealistic to create a 3d section box for all my building sections in this manner?

So far up to 21 figure I will get up to 50.
I like the fact it can export to Rhino and ? with scope boxes in tact. Any suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated. Using Revit Structure 2011.

Is the above a workable solution (to the issue below) that I can add to best practices?

I was having issues with my sections when I placed them in plan left to right to view plan North and went to my section view to find instead in some of them I was seeing elements behind me. (not flipped). If i flipped the section then I would see the right direction but would be mirrored. So totally baffelled by this. I would like to understand why this is happening.