View Full Version : [2011] Internal Duct Sizing (OPEN)

2010-08-10, 06:36 AM
I thought this might already be here - but have searched and can't find it.

I keep getting told Revit is a design tool not a documentation tool so why can't I input duct sizes as Free Area size - as is used for design - rather than sheet metal sizes.

At the moment we put all our duct sizes in and connect everything up then get an acoustic analysis done which will tell us how much internal lining we require. We would have everything shown as external insulation for coordination purposes up till then. At this point I have to resize all the ductwork that needs the lining as revit only uses sheet metal sizes and we can't keep the internal sizes we have already used.

When it comes to documentation, it is also normal, in Australia at least, for the internal airway size to be used on ductwork design and construction drawings - sheet metal size is not shown until shop drawings are created.

The ideal Revit world from my POV wold allow inputting of duct sizes based on the internal size and have tags able to show either internal or sheet metal size, depending on the stage of the job.