View Full Version : Selecting Objects in the Model

2010-08-10, 11:27 AM
Hi All,
I am having a small issue with using ASD 2011. I just updated to ASD 2011 and before when I would select an object in the model, it would also select it in the object inspector and vice versa. Now, I can select an object in the object inspector and it highlights in the model, but not the other way. Is this in a setting that I can't find? Thanks in advance.


2010-08-11, 07:39 AM
Are the objects filtered out? ie are all the buttons for plates/plate sub-part, etc selected to show?

If your model has any size at all, it could be a redraw issue.

I get this intermittently, on larger models.

If you go to the parts edition tab, does it show the objects? if yes, and swapping to a different one doesn't change it, then it's a redraw thing.

Rebooting the computer sometimes helps, otherwise not much you can do.