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2010-08-11, 05:42 PM
- Thanks Alex. I'll take "Vaulting with Inventor" for 500.
- The answer is "Something you should never, ever do with Autodesk Vault. It prevents you from checking in an Inventor assembly file because one of the parts is already in one of the two libraries, and then Vault tries to check it in the other library, sees a part file of the same name elsewhere, and bugs the **** out of you."


- Pierre !
- What is the risk of using two locations for standard parts files and adding both paths in Autodesk Vault.
- Correct for 500. That can be quite a headache.

Thank you for humouring me. Here's our situation in a nutshell: we equipped Inventor with Vault after years of doing things manually. We ended up with 2 separate locations where we saved standard parts (I know, I know...) and it's practically impossible to know which assembly uses which parts in which library. Once the Vault was installed correctly, we mapped both locations and presumed all would be good. ALAS! It turns out that a lot of parts appear in BOTH locations.

When we want to check in a new assembly, or even check in an assembly we had checked out, those parts cannot be checked in, because they're already in the vault in at least 1 location.

The obvious solution is to copy all parts from one library to the other. Part history is not really a concern in our case here. That would then mean that every time we open an assembly file containing a part in the deleted library we would need to re-direct to the other library. Bleah !

Has anyone been in this situation ? How did you resolve it ? What would be your advice ?

Thanx in advance to all responders.

Pierre Marcotte