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Eddy B
2010-08-20, 05:06 PM
Hello All,

I need to convert the annotative blocks in a drawing to be non annotative as the client we're dealing with does not want to have this functionality in their drawings. (???) Is there any way to do this as a batch to all the blocks in the drawing? Luckily we've only used 1 scale representation.


2010-08-20, 11:04 PM
This may be helpful:

2010-08-21, 08:21 AM
You can BEdit the block type(s) and change their Annotative property in the Properties Palette. It may screw some insertions (especially if they've got 2 or more scales attached), so you need to check for this though.

Maybe just saving using SaveFidelity should be fine? That converts the annotative entities in a DWG (saved to 2007 or earlier) to non anno versions on separate layers. So any ACad before 2008 display the correct version in the viewports.

2010-10-13, 11:15 PM
you can use Qselect - Blocks - Annotative - "Yes" then go to the properties and change to No.
Nope, my bad, you can't change it in properties. As mentioned above you have to change that variable in Block Editor. Might be a LISP for that.