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2010-08-25, 01:23 PM
Hi there,
I have a serious problem that I cannot connect from map 3D to oracle database. My intention is simple I believe, I just would like to store my cad and gis data in an Oracle database. I install Oracle 10g express to the server running windows 7. I have Map and Civil 3D on client running win xp.
I have read millions of documents about how to install and establish the connection like fdo, fdo king, map guide open source, fdo2fdo etc. but now I am completely confused.
Will you please help me with the this topic with a step by step guide if possible. I will appreciate.
Thanks from now.

2010-08-25, 02:40 PM
Do you have the Oracle Client installed on the workstation you are trying to connnect from?
Are there any databases tables that you can get to? Do you remeber the users and password you created when you installed the Oracle?

2010-08-26, 02:32 PM
Hi Murphy,
I have to confess that you are doing a wonderful thing. It is unbelievable that you are dealing most of the problems that people face. I really appreciate.
First of all I would like to thank you for your answer.
I manage to overcome the connection problem. It is just because of the restrictions with in the domain. Our IT staff removed all firewall rules so I can establish a connection now. But unfortunately I have another problem now.
The client is installed and working. I can reach to the server and oracle database homepage from the client PC and I can create, delete tables. I have all the related passwords. I can establish the connection. But now when ever I tried to push spatial data from Autocad Map 3D it turns out an error "datastore has no fdo metatables (f_schemainfo, etc)"
I tried bulk copy and export to oracle but the error message were the same.
Do you have an idea?
Thanks from now.

2010-08-26, 03:24 PM
When you connect to Oracle, instead of connection/adding existing data store to the map use the create New DataStore. What this does is create the new data base tables you need for FDO and the geometry. Once you create that you should be able to bulk copy any other FDO features to it. You need to know what coordinates system and the extents (max x-y, minx-y) you want for the data.

2010-08-31, 09:52 AM
I really would like to thank you. I will never ever be succeed without your help and support. But one more question in my mind. After I managed to bulk copy sdf files to Oracle how can I manage the user privileges. For example I have a sample data set called parcel. I export it to sdf and I push it to Oracle database. I can recall and edit it easily even from other client computers without any problem. But I would like to assign privileges to users in order to maintain hierarchy and data protection. When I browse the tables in the database home page I could not find my parcel data as a table but it exists as a user. Would you please help me on that topic. Thank you again for your support.

2010-08-31, 07:24 PM
You have too manager the users rights/access in the Oracle DBA tools. You should create a new user in Oracle for each map user then assign the rights to each as needed for each data store/table. "Takes some time but that's why the DBA are paid the $$$$" said the unemployed Geospatial guy.