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2010-09-21, 06:01 PM
I am currently inserting large ortho images into 2010 and cropping them into smaller square images (130 individual images - as per the grid system of the property). I insert the image, crop, "save as" for the smaller square (icroprect, isaveas, iworldout). Then close the base ortho without saving. then reopen it and do the same thing...over and over and over. this has to be done a few times a year as new orthophotography is made available. Is there a better way? lisp/script/batch? I can harvest the x-y coords of each section of the grid but not sure what to do with it. At the very least is there a way to crop a section of the larger image but retain whats left of the larger image to crop again. i guess that'd be considered "dividing" or "separating" more than "cropping" any help would be greatly appreciated.

2010-09-21, 09:41 PM
I would look at Wizard Tech and see if they have anything that may tile the image into smaller image tiles. Another option might be with MapGuide it has a tile tool than may work.

2010-09-22, 03:05 PM
This process can be automated with FME Workbech, by Safe Software.