View Full Version : Inner structure diameter in profile

2010-09-23, 12:29 PM
How can I show the inner structure diameter in profile?

Thank you

2010-09-23, 12:51 PM
Most likely you would have to create a block that will display in the profile.

2010-09-23, 03:15 PM
You could edit the part and give it a 0.01 wall thickness.

2010-09-23, 09:02 PM
Jeffs method will work if you want to show the inner and not the outer. If you want to show both (which is what I thought when you posted) a block is the only option I can think of.

2010-10-13, 04:11 PM
A person just asked me the same question. It's weird that Pipes have about 10 options, but not structures. I guess I'm going to start looking into the block idea that Brian mentioned. I just hate to have a bunch of extra blocks for a special circumstance issue.

2010-10-13, 04:45 PM
It is fixed.
I added a "0" value for Wall and Floor Thickness in the Pipe Network Catalog.
Thank you all.