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2010-09-24, 09:25 PM
Hi all,

I would like to know one good workflow to create RC detailing using the integration RSA to ASD or using RST to ASD.

I had problems because actually I create element by element detailing and this is very massive.


2010-09-27, 06:21 PM
no answers?

2010-09-28, 10:05 PM
The more usual workflow is
first modelling in RST, conecto to RSA and do the needed tests and analisies
return the updated model to RST, correct any think needed, and creat Concret rebars using the tools in it, export to ASD the 2D detailled drawings.

2010-09-29, 05:51 AM

This is a blue dream. Things do not go so smoothly. You will have a lot of headache doing this. Sometimes it is easier to use these three programs individually.

2010-09-29, 06:52 PM
Yes Meelis, sometimes is easily to use its individually.

So, Fernando, I like this workflow but is very massive send the elements one by one to ASD. The advantage is that I can use one template to detailing the drawings.

When I create the drawings in RSA and save its to latter imports in ASD than I cant configure the drawings like my country costumer. Is possible edit this patterns?

Other problem when I import in ASD drawings made in RSA is that the configurations is not good..see in attached image where the main bars and the dimension 0,41 are bad.

Well, i admit and thank more and more comments in this way.

2010-09-30, 07:28 PM
Before import from RST to ASD, do this settings: (extract from ASD help)

Construction drawings - settings
The drawing templates manager allows to define how the structure drawings of elements in AutoCAD ® Structural Detailing - Reinforcement will be created. It includes defining parameters of appearance of individual structure elements (colors, scale, plans, reinforcement descriptions, etc.); drawing templates for each type of element are created this way.


All the parameters defined in the dialog refer to the link between the AutoCAD ® Structural Detailing - Reinforcement and Autodesk Revit Structure or Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis. The reinforcement drawings generated for the structure elements transferred to AutoCAD ® Structural Detailing - Reinforcement from the applications mentioned above will be created in accordance with the settings saved in the drawing templates manager.

The Drawing templates manager dialog can be open from:

· Menu: Reinforcement / Structure elements - reinforcement / Construction drawing - settings

· Ribbon: ASD Reinforcement / Settings / Styles / Construction drawing - settings or ASD Structure elements / Settings / Styles / Construction drawing - settings

· Command line: STYLE_DG.

The structure drawings are parametrized by a set of styles. They are divided in groups which parametrize the specified components of a structure drawing of an element.

The following components of drawings are available:

Adjoining elements

Section / View - parameters/

Drawing layout


Reinforcement description.

Use the buttons on the right to work with drawing components:

· Default - click this to designate a template as a default drawing template for a selected drawing component

· New - click this to open a dialog where you can define a new template for drawing components.

· Modify - click this button to open a dialog where you can modify a selected template for a drawing component.

· Delete - click this to delete a highlighted template.

Note: I did not try the above settings since I do not use Revit.

Best of luck

2010-11-12, 06:32 AM
I have reported this error. If I installed SP3 to Robot, I can not use this way of exporting drawings to ASD, have to import through ASD, but there is problems to find the right template etc. Like I said, some things just not working correctly in current versions. I have gave up using Robot drawings in ASD.