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2004-12-24, 06:56 PM
This course will assist the VBA programmer in the construction of many of the 3-D Geometrical Solid Objects... Prisms... Parallelograms... Cylinders... Linear & Tapered.
YES... This course will give the basic blow-by-blow (line code) insrtructions for the construction of these many geometrical figures and their associated graphical drawings.
This course will begin with the basic VBA format that must be included in every VBA 3-D programming as a guide module for all other VBA programming.
Also... this course mentions an instructional book : "Practical Math Dictionary" in which all of the examples were VBA programmed by "Chenier's... I never leave without IT.
Knowledge gained from this course will allow the AutoCad R-2005 VBA Programmer to make considerable time-savings (3-D insertable) blocks for there daily useage.
This course will have a Multi-User aspect module... which will allow the operator to run different sub-routines in 3-D VBA programming to perform many other tasks by buttons.
There will be three modules to this course as follows:
a. The basics of all 3-D VBA programming aspects... what you got to have to make 3-D...
b. The basic geometrical objects: Prism, Square, Cylinder, Frustum, 3-4-5 Sided Polys
c. The actual practice of Designing a Project for 3-D VBA Programming(machine shops)

2005-01-04, 07:19 PM
What does VBA stand for? that is the full meaning of vba

2005-01-04, 11:20 PM
What does VBA stand for?
Visual Basic for Applications