View Full Version : I'm having difficulty creating a solid model

2004-12-27, 08:57 PM
I have a shape to draw as a solid model. The shape might be described as a modified teardrop, (see the attached file <<<Solid-Model_Sample.dwg>>>).

I don't have a way to transition from the 1.65 rad in the "XY" Axis to the 1.74 Dia. in the "XZ" Axis.

I have this type of shape on my desk quite often (it is taken from a paper drawing of a casting). I have simulated the shape in the past, but would like to accurately draw these shapes if possible.

I can envision writing a lisp program that would draw a stack of thin (.001" thick) solid models, each one progressively bigger in the transition direction and subsequently unioning them. That sounds like a lot of work to me, and I'm not sure I would be too comfortable with the math required to evaluate the transitions.

Is there a method to draw a shape like this?


2004-12-28, 08:38 PM
Unfortunately, your two elevations do not match. Anyway, the way to do it is to convert each shape into a closed polyline and extrude each by a distance greater than the width of the other view. Rotate one solid 90 degrees about the x-axis and move them so that each passes through the other. Use the the INTERSECT command on the the two solids. After the operation you will be left with a solid that represents the volume that is common to the two original solids.

2005-02-16, 06:12 PM
just to add.....

after you have run the INTERSECT command....
you can now use the FILLET command on the edges.....use the radius of the small circle....

if the the radius on the bottom is different just use a different radius for them.....

here is an example I came up with....