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2010-10-30, 11:05 AM
Hello everyone :)

I'm new to maya and started yesterday :) I'm doing this tutorial http://www.tutorialhero.com/click-68113-model_texture_and_render_the_legendary_katana_in_maya.php
but I got stuck on step 7, I could not find this mesh option, when searching for it I exidently hid all the menu's and I have absolutely NO idea how to get them back :(

I would be thankfull if anyone could tell me how to get the menu back and where I can find the mesh option :)

Greetings, Sanne

2010-11-01, 01:22 PM
Congrats on your first post, and welcome to the forums!

... Perhaps this website (http://www.keyxl.com/aaab24a/249/Autodesk-Maya-keyboard-shortcuts.htm)will be useful, just scroll down to the 'Selecting Menus' category.

Hope this helps!