View Full Version : Can I program the "Back" and "Forward" mouse buttons for ADT3.3?

2004-12-29, 06:52 PM
I have a Logitech MX1000 that has 8 buttons, I had to uninstall the SetPoint software to allow the middle button pan and zooming with the wheel, so I cannot assign a function to the buttons as the manufacturer would prefer. So how could I set the extra buttons that I have that have no function in my Architectural Desktop session? I would like the forward button to be able to toggle the properties window (Ctrl-1) and the back button to toggle the Design Center window (Ctrl-2). If you check out the images, they are the buttons right above where your thumb would go, mirror the image if you're a lefty! :-D Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

2004-12-29, 06:57 PM
Hi Jay

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2004-12-29, 06:57 PM

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