View Full Version : Blank Fields as a dash - is this all I can get?

2004-12-30, 06:58 PM
I have some fields set up for individual sheets - CurrentSheetCustom - and if I do not want any text in it I keep getting a dash on the plots.

Is this the best I can get? Can I not just make it go away???

I have three "Title" fields - Title1 Title2 Title2 - and on sheets that just have one title - like "ELEVATIONS" and not "MAIN" "FLOOR" "PLAN" - I want to have Title2 and Title3 blank.

Did I miss something here or is this the best I can get?


2004-12-30, 07:20 PM
This has been a problem for many. Use the non-breaking space <Alt><0160> in the property. Or convert your titleblocks from using attributes to using separate MText objects just grouped to the titleblock XRef.

2006-04-05, 07:45 PM
I've discovered in 2006 that it seems impossible to add a field if the current value of the property is a nonbreaking space.

For example, say you have a custom sheet property named MYPROP. If MYPROP is set to Alt+0160, then it is impossible to insert a field hooked to MYPROP. It looks like it is working, but if you check, no field gets inserted.

The workaround is to set MYPROP to a dummy value. Then insert the field, and hook it to MYPROP. Then change the value of MYPROP to the Alt+0160.