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2010-11-30, 06:14 AM
Hi Does anyone can help me with this issue,

I can export concrete formworks from Revit Structure or doing basic sample of formwork from ASD itself but when I do automatic positioning preparing every element for reinforcement, I fail to do since it appears that incompatible units from Formwork to Reinforcement.

I have tried changing the unit from parameter or profile of reinforcement.making it as metric because Formworks compost of metric units but still no good same problem that I have encounter.

software version:
ASD 2011 already applied SP1 and SP2

regards to all

2011-01-13, 04:11 PM
you got the same situation with me now. up to now, i sill do not know how to treat it. but i read in some documentation said that we should group before export to reinforcement.