View Full Version : Site drawing linework and pipe network linework

2011-02-15, 04:55 PM
How do you handle this type of situation?

I prepared my site drawing with linework for existing sanitary sewer manholes and pipes. The pipes have a custom linetype showing the letter "S" at intervals. I now have to profile the existing sanitary sewer, so I added my pipe network structures and pipes. I currently have two objects for each manhole and pipe entity, one from when I drew the linework and one from the pipe network.

Should I erase or hide the linework from the survey?

What happens when the pipe from the pipe network is at an extreme grade (ex. 20%), won't the "S" in the linetype be skewed?

2011-03-23, 03:11 AM
i would either freeze or turn of the survey linework since you have created a the pipe network.

Tony C
Civil 3D Specialist