View Full Version : DOE-2 or E-quest Export from Ecotect

2011-02-15, 10:45 PM
Has anyone found a good method for exporting an ecotect model to DOE-2 or E-quest software platforms? Also, has anyone done this succesfully in order to meet LEED EA Credit?

2011-10-14, 02:36 PM
Not that it really answers your question, and you might already be aware of this, but GBS can export doe2 files for use in equest. And if you have ecotect I believe you have access to gbs.autodesk.com. I haven't used this for leed certification as the model often is a mess. There are materials out there detailing methods for cleaning up revit models to get a better gbxml, and as a result a better doe2 file out of GBS.