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2011-04-08, 09:52 PM
A good day to you all,

I would firstly like to say that you have a great community here that most students would find useful.

I'm posting here today because I would like you to help me with something that would enhance my project when I submit it. I have a set of Development Application drawings on a warehouse proposal as part of my project at my college and I'm at the final stages of submitting the Design Application drawings. I'm not sure whether all of you are familiar with the term DA but this is basically a term used in Australia for the proposal of new dwellings on a certain lot that is submitted to the local council.

These DA drawings include shading, shadows, landscaping and many more elements that make that certain view look presentable.

Now I'll talk about my issue in revit and hopefully someone has found a solution or has been successful with it. I would basically like to add more life to my elevations by adding colours, shadows and shades to it and just make it look really presentable. I have attached what I have been able to do by using the shadow plugin that comes with revit and by changing the shading materials of different buildings elements but I would like to add more life to it by adding the sky and making the trees cast shadows, etc.

I have also attached another image to show you what I'm after and what I have achieved.

Thankyou in advance.

2011-04-14, 01:11 PM
Hey there,
Nice looking drawings so far.
A couple of presentation options that you may not be aware of:

Orient a 3D Isometric view to the elevation you want, duplicate it and then use it to Render. Rendered elevations can look really impressive. (Also, you can overlay a non-rendered view of the same elevation, with the model items turned off and only leaving your notes, levels and dimensions showing.....you may want to play with this (turning the view to wireframe is helpful too when doing overlay views.)

Use your shaded view, but add more "surface patterns" (ie; colors & patterns) to your materials so they show up in a non-rendered view. Then, turn on ambient occlusion and background.

You can overlay your elevation view onto another view which may be a jpeg or color fill, or another elevation showing different items highlighted.

Lots of options....just keep playing.
Good luck