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2005-01-07, 06:57 AM
My first suggestion is to publish English translations of courses like "Ferramentas que otimizam o trabalho no Autocad", which I think says 'Fundamentals of optimizing our work with AutoCAD. I would like to get in on that one, but I don't speak Portuguese.
I would like to get in on a class for AEC drafters who want to improve their speed and accuracy in drafting electrical, HVAC, piping, schematic and single line layouts. There have to be many factors entailed in the planing and preparation for both the drawing and the drafter. What are the habits and qualities of someone who can sail through a drawing with zero mistakes? What's the key? Tips and tricks and new routines are great, but that's not what makes a "productive" draftsman. What does?
John May

2005-01-07, 01:46 PM
I agree somewhat with your suggestion of translating courses.

If its drawing speed and accuracy you want, I would suggest changing the
drawing method. Look into eliminating places in the drawing where the drafter is
set up to possibly have an error (ie. notes pertaining to a dimension, multiple instances of the same information). Slim your drawings down to contain only necessary items.
With less requirements, even the slowest drafter gets a speed boost.
Also, you can implement a tool to help self check the work. I use a spreadsheet to
do all my calculations in order to make sure I am always accurate.

Just a few suggestions.