View Full Version : Convert detail lines to a revision cloud

2011-04-22, 05:20 PM
I know, I know with Revit you should NEVER have an addendum, I mean the designs are perfect, right...
Why is it that the revision cloud tool in Revit is so archaic.
Revit have you ever heard of Autodesk (sarcastic)?
They make a program called AcadMEP and they have the correct way to simplify and speed up the process of creating revision clouds.
I want to see the ability to quickly create revision clouds, not point by point.
How about the ability to convert detail lines to a revision cloud.

2011-09-29, 06:38 PM
That's it! Make a square with detail lines than turn them into little cute fine buble like lines. Easy, imediate. And above all, visualy fine.