View Full Version : Lines in Contour Labels

2011-05-21, 08:56 PM
When I label my contours at 1"=40 and text size 0.1 my contour labels look fine.

When I change the scale to 1"=20' for a detailed view of an area, the contour label text is smaller (0.5) as it should be. However, I get these lines above and below the contour label that appear to be hidden behind the text mask at 1"=40' and show above and below the label at 1"=20'

Any suggestions how to make these lines go away. They are stopping publication of our project.

2011-05-23, 03:15 PM
click on the label. in the "Properties" dialog box, the 2nd line down is "Display Contour Label Line". Change this to "False". You can do a "Quick Select" to do multiple labels.

2011-05-23, 03:27 PM
Thank you for the help. So many things to know....

2011-05-23, 03:57 PM
Note that you can change your command settings so that the contour line labels are set this way as they are created. That way you don't have to constantly change this setting as you label contours.

Toolspace -> Settings -> Surface -> Commands -> AddContourLabeling -> [rt-click] Edit Command Settings -> Contour Labeling Defaults -> Display Contour Label Line