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2011-06-08, 07:46 PM
I am trying to get some parcel custom properties out into a report. I created these under Toolbox --> Settings --> Parcel --> user-defined property classifications --> unclassified. 1) TAXID 2)OWNER. I have populated these properties with information and want to include them in a report. I have been hacking away with something like <xsl:value-of select="@TAXID" or <xsl:value-of select="//lx:Project/@TAXID"/></xsl:with-param> in a Parcel report but alas to no avail. Where do I go to get them? Also any good reads on the objects themselves?
Thanks ahead of time.

2011-06-09, 06:02 AM
The User Defined Properties are not actually available as Properties on the Parcel objects. Instead, you have to call a special method on the Parcel objects.

This is relatively straight-forward from .NET, but I don't know how you would do this from an XSL.