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2011-06-19, 08:42 PM
Hello people,

I have got some questions concerning the "Photoelectric Sensic Effect" - feature of Ecotect.
There is the "Percentage Working Year Lighting OFF" in combination with the "Daylight Factor". It is a good and clear diagramm, but how can I influence the "Percentage Working Year Lighting OFF"? The amount of hours when artificial light is ON, hence the "Percentage" depends on the specific shedule (for an office for example 8am till 6pm). Which shedule does Ecotect take by default?
The "Photoelectric Sensic Effect"- tool allows to select the "zone" of interest. Therefor I changed the specific shedule in the zone. Unfortuanately the diagramm did not change - it took no effect on the amount of hours, when critical border of "light off" is reached. I guess, those shedules are created for thermal analysis, not for daylight autonomie, am I right?

Is there somebody with expirience in this issue? How can I combine my specific shedule with the "Percentage Working Year Lighting OFF"?

Would be great to get an answer, because this is an important part of my masterthesis and there are only 6 weeks left...

Thanks for reading and hopefully for answering!