View Full Version : Have received some .PLT files, how do I plot them?

2005-01-12, 10:46 AM

I’ve received some drawing in the plot style format - .PLT. and would like to know how to print them. I’m working with AutoCAD 2005.


2005-01-12, 11:25 AM
Unless the plot files were made using your plotter settings you might be out of luck and end up printing garbage. Anytime we make plot files for a client or an outside print shop we have to use thier plotter settings when creating the plot files.

2005-01-12, 01:35 PM
when all else fails you could always send the plt files to your local reproduction company..... most of them have the capability to plot plt files.....(atleast the two that we use do...

2005-01-12, 08:36 PM
Try the Express Tools PLT2DWG routine. It probably won't work, but it just might.

2005-01-13, 01:12 PM
The most basic way to plot PLT files is by using DOS. Go to a command prompt and type the following:

copy C:\dwg.plt \\server\printer (file://\serverprinter)

Fill in the file path for C:\dwg.plt...easiest if you put the files right in the root directory...you can also use C:\*.plt if there are a lot of files.
Enter the share path to your plotter for \\server\printer (file://\serverprinter)

Try to use a plotter that you think may be closest to what the PLT file was created with. If the file was created 24X36 on a plotter, it will not work to send to a laser printer.

Alternate ways of doing this include additional software...a good free one that does just what I detailed above, but easier is Print Spooler Print Utility, found at http://www.smartlister.com/Plt.htm

You could also use software like ViewCompanion found at http://www.softwarecompanions.com/, which is not free, but allows you the freedom of printing to other printer types and other sizes, as well as converting to pdf or just viewing the file.


2005-01-17, 09:31 AM

Have you tried the Forum Search facility -

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Have a good one, Mike