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2005-01-12, 07:02 PM
The issue in brief:;-)

I want automatic trimming and attribute requests at symbol insertion. Can this be done with Design Center? If not, I am having difficulty w/ slide & slide library issues. Details follow:

The trick for me is recreating the slides and slide library of the original Lite app.
As it is now, a bunch of weird text appears and no images appear when the VISUAL option is invoked (possibly due to relocating the files from where the app was originally installed). I am trying to use dwg files or sld files from the existing add-on app so as not to re-invent the wheel but it is proving very frustrating as I can only develop this as time allows.

********Slide/ Slide Library Creation, FREE Utility or Slide Tips are needed***********

My goal is to level the drafting field for Lite and AutoCAD full version users through adopting the menu code from an obsolete, Lite-based, electrical schematic add-on. This electrical app used toolbars but what I found to be most useful were the app's menu fly-outs/drop-downs. I would like to apply the functionality detailed below for both fluid flow and electrical schematics.
The steps to include symbols were:

Pick electrical menu drop-down(s)
Pick which symbol family Contacts, Switches, etc.
Pick the 'VISUAL' option which appears at top of each symbol family
A dialog w/ tiles and a list of the symbols' names appeared
Pick the image symbol
Insert symbol
The electrical symbol (attributed block) would be inserted, the rung trimmed a preset distance (via menu code) and a attribute dialog would appear. This is very desirable and what I like to develop in-house for both electrical and fluid flow schematics as well.

I have the menu code and did some testing already. However, the images don't show as the AutoCAD Lite add-on app and company are defunct (the company was bought out by Autodesk - full version product is now AutoCAD Electrical) The old Lite app we purchased won't properly load on 2004 (+).

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2005-01-17, 11:40 AM
I want automatic trimming and attribute requests at symbol insertion. Can this be done with Design Center? Hi

Simple answer, no.

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2005-01-17, 02:05 PM
Thanks Mike. Everyone, please see the revised content as I realize DC is out.

2005-01-17, 02:24 PM

Have you checked for and updated any references in Menu files etc that point to the old Slides / Slide Library location?

Is this issue/problem also related to your post in the following thread -

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Have a browse of the following thread -

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2005-01-17, 03:03 PM

I'm participating in the Pop Menus online class.
The content on the other website really helped; thanks for making me aware of it!8)


2005-01-19, 01:35 PM
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