View Full Version : 2011 Manhole Tops Wont Adjsut to Surface

2011-07-22, 07:51 PM
First...Thank You to anyone who takes time to offer help.

I have a ton of Manholes that I have Profiled.
They are all Referencing a FG Surface and an Alignment (that corresponds directly to that run of pipes).

The "Surface Elevation At Insertion Point" is reading correctly....
But the "Insertion Rim Elevation" is different.

I ideally want them to be the Same and adjust the Rim as the Surface Changes.

(See Attachment)

Anyone Got any Ideas??

2011-07-23, 03:20 AM
If the top of pipe(s) are high enough to get into the cone/frame, then the Rim will be adjusted higher to keep the pipe in the barrel. You'll need to edit the Manholes to have a shorter cone.

2011-07-25, 01:41 PM
Thanks Jeff.... I was able to lean on a Co-wroker...and we found that my C3D Profile was corrupt.

I keep a backup of it...So I went to my backup and everything was back in order.

Maybe this can be a Problem Solver for others if they run across a similar issue.