View Full Version : 2010 There has to be an easier way

2011-08-17, 07:22 PM
Thank to all who may offer support.

I have all my profiles and Sufaces working well and cleaned up.

My only thing I am seeing is that my structures are not updating when my surface does.
I have all my settings correctly..ie Automatic Surface Adjustment is set to true.

The thing is...I can go into each strucutre and Toggle this to False...and then true again...and it will update accordingly.

Do I have to go into Every STrucutre and do this? I have about 75 strucutre Total.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


2011-08-17, 10:58 PM
WHat about closing and reopening the drawing...do they update then?

2011-08-18, 02:24 PM
Nope Jeff...That didnt seem to work either.

I have the Surface in a Seperate file and it is Data Referenced in to my Utiltiy Profiles drawing.

After updating the Surface and saving...Then go open my Profile drawing...The Finished grade on all my profiles are Reading correctly...Its just that the Structures dont seem to be.