View Full Version : New to Maya, need urgent help

2011-08-20, 09:39 AM

I hope it's OK to post any question here. I'm a total newbie with Maya and I have some design-related issues that are doing my head in.

I'm modeling a thin insole (the one you put inside your shoes) and I got the overall shape I want with extruding and shaping polygons. Now, I need to create the pattern and indents in the bottom of the insole and I have no idea how to do this!

I've tried creating many edge loops and then dragging verticies around the shape I want, and then extrude, and push in, but it just becomes really messy.

I also tried UV mapping (never done this before) and it just won't work.

I need the pattern to be indented (at different levels depending on grey shade)...

I would REALLY appreciate if someone could give me some quick advice and maybe a link to a tutorial related to the method.

I have attached some images. The color image gives you an idea how a I want it to look...