View Full Version : How can I change a 3D Object to a 2D Object

2005-01-14, 02:24 AM
i have an 3d drawing.how do ew can change them into 2d drawing for a small size ?

2005-01-14, 07:17 AM
Have you tried Express Tools Flatten?

2005-01-26, 07:13 AM
It depends on what kind of 2-D drawing you want from 3-D.

If you want a TOP-FRONT-RIGHT VIEW style drawing with dimensions and to plot exactly look like 2-D drawing, then you might want to try SOLVIEW and SOLDRAW command. I found those commands were not easy to understand but it worked.

For the other purpose, to draw an exploded view (South-West View), which I do a lot in my work place, try SOLPROF.

1) First Rotate3D your solid model. 45 degree for Y-axis and then 35.5 degree in X-axis for SW view (normal isometric drawing).

2) Goto Layout1(PaperSpace) then choose MODEL SPACE.

3) Type SOLPROF in command promt. Then answer Y-Y-Y for options.

4) You will have two new layers, one for 2-D flattened and one for hidden line. But these drawings are overlapped with the original solid model to make it hard to see. Turn off solid layer for now and move 2-D part to somewhere else. You got 2-D isometric view of your solid model.

Hope it helps you even a little bit.

Fudata from BC, Canada

2005-01-26, 07:17 AM
Another comment: SOLPROF transforms a circle into an ellipse but FLATTEN transforms it into a polyline, sometimes into many broken polylines. It means a 2-D made form SOLPROF can be scaled indefinetely but one from FLATTEN cannot.

Good luck.