View Full Version : C3D 2011 Update 2 problems?

2011-08-24, 01:44 PM
Wondering if anyone else had found that Update 2 has something wrong with it?

I have a section that targets multiple alignments (horz. & vert). I spent HOURS trying to figure out why the Left side was not using the vertical targets I set. I had a Win XP user double check my work and all was right. They did a rebuild and the sections were now correct again. Did a rebuild on my Win7 64bit and left side was wrong again.

Testing on a different Win7 64bit it worked with a rebuild, then I noticed that this computer only had Update 1 installed. I installed update 2 on this other computer and then the corridor rebuild jacked the left side again.

Two (sloppy) section screen shots showing the difference.