View Full Version : Open a Linked Model without Unloading

2011-09-06, 04:02 PM
(When we upgraded to 2012, I thought we had the ability to do this, but lately it seems broken.)

I'd like the ability to open another model, that's linked into my current model, without having it unload from my current model.

This is helpful when I'm working in RST and I need to open the Architectural model to look at their work, or grab their title block. Or, when our project is so large we've broken it into several buildings; thus, several models, but have them all linked together.

2011-09-08, 06:34 PM
I believe the trick is that you can open a LOCAL COPY of the Linked project, but you can't open the Central file itself.
Haven't tested this a lot, but I think you'd have to make a Windows copy of the Linked Central on your C: drive and open that. I do not think that you can just use the right-click from the Project Browser, or even the Open/Create New Local.
Someone please correct me if I am wrong

2011-09-20, 07:28 PM
The trick is to open another session of Revit and open the linked model in the second session.